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JNV Birkhadi, Bhind welcomes you

Academics : JNV Bhind

This Vidyalaya is affiliated with C.B.SE. Delhi. Class XII(AISSCE) is conducted by CBSE and all efforts are made to achieve 100% and qualitative results. The results of class X and XII examinations have been consistently better than other schools. In our JNV, Science Stream has been allotted at +2 level.

Medium of Instruction : Upto Class VIII, the medium of instruction is mother tongue(Hindi). From Class IX to XII the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics is English.

Three Language Formula : The NVS Scheme provides for implementation of three language formula.In our JNV,odia is allotted as Third Language and migration is from JNV, Jharsuguda, District - Jharsugoda (odisa).

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation : Education is regarded as a unique investment and therefore, accountability is possible only through a well-planned assessment keeping in view its objectives. Examination in its traditional sense has failed to achieve the objectives of education and that is why the National Policy on Education - 1986 conceived the idea of introducing evaluation as an integral part of teaching-learning process and suggested that the process of continuous and effective testing be evolved by taking care of all the three domains viz. cognitive, affective and psychomotor for the integral development of the personality. That is why JNVs are following CCE for assessment of students.

Computer Education : JNV being model pace-setting institution in the district is equipped with the required educational technology including Computers.Under the Computer Education Programme, Our JNV is provided 33 Computers.The main objective of CEP is to facilitate the students to learn computer Literacy and hands of experience from VI to XII. The facility of Computer Literacy has also been extended to the students of neighborhood schools.

Pace - Setting activities : The following pace - setting activities are being organized in our JNV. :

Sadbhavana relly is orgnized on 20th August every year.

Use of services of the Staff Nurse for promotion of health and hygiene of the local community.

CLP was conducted for the students of Class VII and VIII in the neighbourhood schools.

No. of Sections: Total 12 sections are running from class VI to XII as follows :

VI : 2

VII : 2

VIII : 2

IX : 2

X : 2

XI (Science) : 1

XII (Science) : 1